Some Things You Might Not Be Aware of About the Food Pyramid

In the 1960s the food pyramid was developed because of rising problem in the health of our nation. Heart attacks were becoming more common and people were dying from diseases related to malnutrition. I’m not talking about starvation and malnutrition here, I’m talking about people eating the wrong types of foods and not getting enough nutrition, or people eating the wrong types of foods and causing themselves all types of problems. The food pyramid has gone through several revisions since it was first released and it has become the cornerstone of many diets and indeed has become good practice with nutritionists and doctors alike.The problem with the food pyramid is about when you are trying to decide whether its authorship is genuine. It’s like anything else in life, if it comes from the government we are supposed to believe in it. Now the authors of the food pyramid are the United States Department of agriculture. Agriculture equals food and a basic necessity food at that. But when you start to think about it, the main job of the United States Department of agriculture is to promote agriculture. It is not to promote healthy nutrition.So the question that we must all ask ourselves… is the United States Department of agriculture impartial? Is the United States Department of Agriculture thinking about the nutritional needs of the citizens of the United States, or are they thinking about the promotion of agriculture? These two things do not necessarily work in unison with each other. There is an obvious conflict of interest here.There is a revised edition of the food pyramid that is due for release in 2010. I think that the new authors should be completely impartial, they should have no ties to any major foods department whatsoever.